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ASTRONORD™ Glassboard Desktop

ASTRONORD™ Glassboard Desktop

ASTRONORD™ Glassboard Desktop

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Creating a good ergonomic workstation — Use it as a keyboard stand and keep your wrists comfortable. With its smooth surface that is easy to write and clean, perfect for your daily notes/reminders/lists to keep yourself organized.

Make Your Desk Look Aesthetic — With its hidden compartment helps you to create a clutter-free desk. Incorporate this glassboard desktop into your study desk. This is neutral enough to go in any space and will instantly make your space look more put together.

  • Space-saving: keep everything organized in one place and convenient to move around.
  • Smooth surface: made of materials that are easy to write and clean.
  • Reusability: eco-friendly option that can save you money from using papers/memos in the long run.
  • Multifunction: can be used for writing, drawing, and storing your stationery and office supplies. Making it a versatile accessory.
  • Size: 15.8x7x1.9"
  • Material: Whiteboard, ABS

How to clean: Simply wipe the board with a soft cloth to remove any marks or smudges.


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