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Super Cute Small Pet Cape

Super Cute Small Pet Cape

Super Cute Small Pet Cape

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Meet our newest unique design super-cute cape. The most cute but elegant pet cape style you've seenPerfect for your pets, an easiest way to dress them up and they still be comfortable. You will definitely instagram your pets after they wear our capes. #ASTRONORDxPETS #TheyMadeMeWearIt

Super-Cute ObsessionThis cape collection includes 9 styles and every style captures the undeniable charm of Kawaii which is the culture of cuteness in Japan and some styles are inspired by the famous cartoon characters. This cape will make your pets look even cuter than they already are.

Easy to wear—from everyday wear or special occasions, your pets can wear this scarf all day long. Its lightweight will sure make them comfortable. When it comes to pet accessories, less is more. Our cape is simple yet elegant, no hanging embellishments or dangling fabrics that will irritate your pets and also gives them freedom to move.

Material: Cotton/Polyester
Size S: Neck circumference 20-30cm (Suitable for pet weight < 20kg)
Size M: Neck circumference 30-45cm (Suitable for pet weight < 40kg)

* Please note that the colors shown are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from actual product colors

 *Due to hand-cutting and sewing, 1-2cm deviations are allowed


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