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Jung Kook (BTS) - 'GOLDEN'

Jung Kook (BTS) - 'GOLDEN'

Jung Kook (BTS) - 'GOLDEN'

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ALBUM: Jung Kook (BTS) - 'GOLDEN' 3 versions [SHINE / SOLID / SUBSTANCE]


- Bookcase: 1ea for each verison / W252 X H186 x T17 (mm)

- Photobook: 1ea for each verison / W250 x H180 (mm) / 64p

- CD-R: 1ea for each verison / W120 x H120 (mm)

- CD Envelope: 1ea for each verison / W125 x H125 (mm)

- Postcard: Random 2ea for each version / W148 x H105 (mm)

- Folded Poster: Random 1ea out of 3 versions / W280 x H400 (mm)

- Photo Card: Random 2ea out of 4 versions / W55 x H85 (mm)

- Symbol Sticker: 2ea / W35 x H35 (mm)

- Contents Envelope: 1ea for each verison / W250 x H180 (mm)

The outer case is for protecting the inner goods content. Damages such as scratches or discoloration on the case cannot be the reason for exchanging or returning.


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